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Just on here to have yet another thing to do. I'll try to improve my art skills and post all related drawings here! Or I'll just reblog awesome things.

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OK so I knew there was gonna be an uproar about Trickster mode eventually because some butthurt people are always idiots about this

But so far, I’ve only seen people being upset over other people being upset that Trickster Jane is Caucasian. The lines of “race doesn’t matter” and “it’s just trickster mode” and “everyone needs to calm the fuck down and enjoy the comic”

So I’ve been scouring the homestuck tag for about 20 minutes trying to find people who are actually seriously offended by the update because hell I’m curious if people like that still exist

I’ll update with how long it took and then proceed to laugh


maybe I’m not looking in the right tag hmm I’ll try the hussie tag later

I’ll find you butthurt people

I’ll find you

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